Mount Laurel, NJ


Here is a list of some of our clients who we have provided IT solutions and support for.



  • Susan Armstrong, DDS (Pediatrics)
  • Robert Arthur DDS (General)
  • Jeffrey Berger, DDS (General)
  • Daniel Bills, DMD (Orthodontics)
  • Scott Brady, DMD (General)
  • Ben Calem, DMD (Periodontics)
  • Mario J. Canal, DMD (Periodontics)
  • Gerry Corsi, DMD (General)
  • William Cregar, DDS (General)
  • Emily Eilerman, DMD (Pediatrics)
  • Charles M. Esposito, DMD (General)
  • Christopher V. Esposito, DMD (General)
  • Sara Fonseca, DDS (Endodontics)
  • Larry J. Fox, DMD (General)
  • Wendell Holdbrook, DMD (Pediatrics)
  • Baqir Jaffery, DMD (General)
  • Kuma Kalaria, DDS (General)
  • Stephen M. Kang, DMD, MA (General)
  • Wael Kassem, DMD (General)
  • Dawn Kelly, DMD (General)
  • Shawn Kelly, DMD (General)
  • Jerry Killoran, DMD (General)
  • Stephen Kang DMD (General)
  • William Kozuch, DMD (General)
  • Howard D. Lassin, DMD (General)
  • Robert Leonetti, DMD (General)
  • Paul Lawyer, DDS (General)
  • Anthony Leska, DDS (General)
  • Gary Lillie, DDS (General)
  • Gene Martin DDS, MD (OMS)
  • Alan Meltzer (Periodontics)
  • David Monokian, DDS (General)
  • Harry Monokian, DMS (General)
  • Michael Monokian, DMD (General)
  • Nilesh Patel, DMD, MD (OMS)
  • Tejal Patel, DMD (OMS)
  • Michele Paterno, DDS (Orthodontics)
  • Carmen Petulla, DDS (General)
  • Kristin Petulla, DMD (General)
  • Bradford Porter, DDS (OMS)
  • Barbara A. Rich, DDS (General)
  • Joel Richterman, DDS (General)
  • Nishit Shah, DMD (General)
  • Hamida Shirazy, DMD (General)
  • David Silver, DMD (Periodontics)
  • Monica Singh, DMD (General)
  • Norman Tabas, DDS (General)
  • John Tiffany, DDS (General)

Medical / Healthcare

  • APC LLC (Advanced Patient Care)
  • Elmwood Family Physicians (Family Medicine)
  • Orthopaedic & Sports Specialists
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology Center
  • Tabernacle Family Physicians (Family Medicine)
  • Team Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • The Harkaway Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics
  • Women’s Healthcare Group (Obstetrics/Gynecology)

Small and Medium Businesses

  • 151Advisors
  • Ace Electronics Inc.
  • Patricia L Kramer, EA, MST
  • Tricomm Services Corporation